DonnaBryan2014Donna Bryan was born and raised in La Crosse, Wisconsin, a town full of history with the mighty Mississippi River flowing by separating it from Minnesota. The city spreads out into farmland with Granddad Bluff watching over it. Even Mark Twain in Life on the Mississippi mentioned Granddad Bluff, from the top where one can see three states.

She has also lived in Minnesota and Missouri with her family. Throughout these moves, she has always enjoyed writing articles, worship services, children’s stories, and programs.

It wasn’t until Donna retired, that her children insisted she publish her stories. Her first book was Truck Drivin’ Man: Warrior of the Road, which came to her in the early morning hours, and she would get up and type it out before leaving for work. She hopes you enjoy the journey of Jack, the truck driver.

The Mansion: Discovering More Than Just an Inheritance was Donna’s second published book and she had fun with the adventures of Benjamin and JC.

While visiting her three sons and grandchildren in Colorado, a lion was seen dragging a deer across the road just yards from the home she was staying at. The story of the lion meant to be a two page story for her grandchildren kept growing and became Spirit of the Mountain: The Lion – The Ranger – The Journalist.

Donna M Bryan and Great-Grandson
Donna loving her 1 day old great-grandson who was born on her birthday in 2010!

Her book for children, The Olympian Cat Arthur was published at the time of the 2014 Winter Olympics. That was followed by Donna’s most recent story: The Cabin, The Nurse, Life Changes.

Donna is looking forward to publishing many more! 🙂